Hello world!

As someone who is just about to enter the world of communication and public realations, it can often present itself as quite daunting. What really constitutes public relations? Not even the scholars agree on this very basic question. What is clear however, is that public relations is having trouble managing its own relations at the moment. Many practitioners have retorted to this by re-branding themselves as ‘communications officers’, ‘reputation managers’ or other less tainted titles. The question is whether this in effect eradicates the issues public relations struggles with or if it is just putting make-up on a bleeding wound. Maybe it is a reaction of a profession not yet ready to deal with its real challenge; what is PR?

As a student about to face this world of misconception, uncertainty and marvels I will try to use this blog as a tool to get closer to public relations. My main interest will circle around how public reations interact with society and what effects it has on us as a public and democracy. If public relations is practiced in its purest form, can it be an aid to the democratic process, or is it doomed to remain in the hands of spin-doctors and media gurus? I have a huge challenge ahead of me, but so does PR.



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